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How to cheat slots online: all methods and tricks?

How to cheat slots online: all methods and tricks?

Win at an online casino Malaysia

It’s not a secret that every online casino Malaysia visitor strives to win as many prizes as possible. However, not all slot machines please with winning combinations, most often you have to contemplate empty spins. This situation can be corrected – for this you need to learn how to cheat slots in online casino Malaysia. There are various tricks that can help you increase the number of prizes.

RNG features

To understand how to cheat a slot machine, you need to learn more about its device. Any slot has a random number generator, abbreviated as RNG. The mechanism is protected by a cryptographically strong 128-bit md5 algorithm and a recordable 32 hexadecimal characters.

The system was developed over 20 years ago and is used even in computers. It is highly reliable. The algorithm that is responsible for the loss of combinations is constantly getting more complicated. It can be hacked, but in this case the casino will not pay out the winnings, since the game will not be played according to the rules. The account will simply be blocked, and a criminal case will be opened against the enterprising player.

The md5 algorithm embedded in the RNG is very complex, even a mathematician cannot calculate it manually. Better not to waste time trying to do it. All attempts will fail. Even if the system gives results in demo mode, when playing for real money, it will drain the deposit.

How to cheat slots using strategies?

How to cheat Phahaoh’s gold and Fruit Cocktail slots if it is impossible to calculate the algorithm for winning combinations? This can be done using various strategies. There are quite a few of them, but the most popular are the following:

1. Martingale. This is the simplest tactic that is over 300 years old. It was created for roulette, but it performs well on slot machines as well. With its help, you can stay in the black even with a series of empty spins. The essence of the strategy is to determine the minimum bet and double it with each loss. If you managed to get a prize, you should return to the original amount. In order not to go into the red, it is recommended to have a solid deposit, otherwise you will have to put up with losses.

2. Double rate. This strategy is uncomplicated, but yields good results. You will need to double your bet for each winning spin, and if you lose, cut it by 2 times. If you catch a wave of prizes, you will be able to increase your deposit several times.

3. Umbrella. The essence of the strategy is to gradually increase the rates when you lose and decrease them when you receive prizes.

It will be easier to deceive the slot using the above tactics. However, they do not give 100% results. You should remember this and try not to play at high stakes, otherwise the risk of losing your balance increases.

Slot machine selection

How to cheat slots online: all methods and tricks?

It is impossible to calculate the RNG of the machine, but there is an increase in the chance of getting winnings. It is better not to think about how to cheat Phahaoh’s gold or Fruit Cocktail slots, but to choose a machine whose algorithm has certain advantages. They are as follows:

1. Payout ratio. When choosing a slot machine, you should ask about its coefficients. It is recommended to give preference to games in which they reach 9,000 credits. There are not many of them, but the Novomatic brand has them, so there is a chance to hit the jackpot.

2. RTP level. Before placing a bet on the machine, you should inquire about the return percentage. It is advisable to choose slots online, where it is 98% or more. In this case, the winning combinations on the reels will appear more often.

3. Special characters. It is best to give preference to slots with wild, scatter, wild multiplier. They increase the likelihood of receiving prizes.

4. Prize rounds. If you choose machines that provide bonus games, doubling rounds, then more prizes will fall out.

Of course, these tips will not let you cheat the slot, but they will help you get more prizes. It is worth taking advantage of them to cut costs when playing. In any case, it will be possible to understand the devices and subsequently choose the most generous of them.

Popular slots online

In order not to think about how to cheat slots and not try to figure out the RNG algorithm, you should choose only popular machines for the game. It has been noticed that they give prizes much more often than devices that are rarely chosen by players.

There is no secret here, the whole point is that the RNG presents prizes at the end of a certain cycle. Popular slots pass it faster, which means that the chance of getting winning combinations on the reels increases several times. Do not miss the moment when you can use it.

Black holes in slots

It is important to understand that nothing is perfect, every product may have a flaw. Slot machines are also no exception. Experienced gamblers claim that there are “black holes” in slots. They are called situations when prizes fall out in 100% of cases. Having found them, you can not think about how to cheat the slots, since you will be able to win often and not attract the attention of the casino administration.

 However, this is not easy to do, since it is incredibly difficult to identify “black holes” – it will take a lot of time. At the same time, you should not choose new devices, they have a too complex algorithm, in which there are rarely errors.

Online slots, which appeared more than 15 years ago, will become ideal objects for study. They have a simpler algorithm, so it will be possible to find a number of patterns in which prize combinations fall out. Experienced players assure that there are a lot of “black holes” in the devices “Novomatic” and “Microgaming”. Some secrets of winning can be found on the Internet.

Gamblers recommend taking a closer look at the “Strawberry” and “Book of Ra” machines. They claim that when playing at maximum rates and when all the lines are activated, a round with free spins is activated after a few spins. Thus, the players manage to win many prizes that cover the costs.

Summing up

Every player wants to leave the casino with pockets full of gold coins, so many are wondering how to cheat slots. However, modern online slot machines have a complex algorithm, the actions of which are difficult to calculate. But you can use strategies, choose only popular devices for the game, or reveal their “black holes”. All this will help to increase the chance of getting more prizes, but does not guarantee them.