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Mission statement

  • Collect dictionaries and statistics on leaked user databases
  • Analyze passwords used in the wild and understand how users choose their passwords
  • Build/generate and publish new dictionaries and oclHashcat rules
  • Measure, rank and publish how different oclHashcat attacks and rules perform against leaked user passwords
  • Understand how to employ different oclHashcat attacks and rules most effectively
  • Explore password security
  • Have fun

Questions I plan on researching

  • How do users choose their passwords?
  • What dictionaries are most effective?
  • What, if anything, should be brute-forced (lengths, charsets)?
  • What rules are most effective in a rule attack?
  • What masks are most effective in a hybrid attack?
  • How do you perform a combination attack most effectively?
  • How do you perform a permutation attack most effectively?
  • In what order should you employ attacks to be most effective?
  • Make better password analysis software
  • Building a powerful password recovery PC
  • Speed comparison of oclHashcat-lite vs oclHashcat-plus and how speed changes with number of hashes
  • Benchmarking of the –gpu-accel= –gpu-loops= options
  • Comparing oclHashcat, JtR and other password recovery software
  • When to use rainbow tables
  • Crawling pastebins for passwords and leaks

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